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Escalators & Moving Walkways

Escalators & Moving Walkways

Riaz & Sons supply, install, commission, maintains Escalators & Moving Walkways from its partners ORONA Spain. ORONA is in the top 10 Companies in the World in making of Elevators / Escalators and Lifts.

Orona Offers a unique solutions to satisfy the users needs for Eco Efficiency, Adaptability to the building, Control & Safety, among other things.

ORONA’s escalators are notable for their high passenger transport capacities as well as their durability, and they are equipped with the most advanced safety devices.

Eco Efficiency

With the award of the Ecodesign Management System certification to UNE 150301:2003 in June 2008, Orona became the first Ecodesign Certified Company in the vertical transport industry worldwide. This gives clear proof of Orona’s commitment to sustainable development and to the environment.

Adaptability To the Building

Orona solutions are designed to meet whatever requirement for vertical transport and to adapt easily to available space however small this may be.


Design life is more than 25 Years if maintained as per Orona SOP.

Flexible Controller Location

On machine-room-less escalators, the controller can be mounted on the last but one floor. Suitable for lifts accessible from a public thoroughfare, car park, etc.

Connection to Auxiliary Unit (Generator)

This feature serves to coordinate with an external emergency power supply for discontinuing the lift service in case of a mains failure. The lift system arranges evacuation travels according to the energy available.

Pit Water Detector

Linked to a water collector in the pit of the installation, the detector when activated (pit flooding) will send the car to the parking floor, allow passengers to get out and put the lift out of service.

Full Collective Control

This control makes the lift stop at floors with both up and down calls registered. It results in improved traffic management

Monitoring Units

Through digital signalling, these units connect the lifts to the building or facility’s integral management and monitoring systems. There are two types of digital signals:
OUTPUTS providing information on the lift status (position, doors, failures, etc.)
INPUTS: for activating modes of operation related to lift control.